Delicate Poppy and Noble Linen

Some years ago a farmer cultivated opium poppy in the fields of the Meißner Germerode region. Because the fields in June/July are so spectacular with blooming poppies, the Naturpark-Meißner-Kaufunger Wald publicizes association this regional show of nature.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 1
The bright flowerage, the filigree stamens, the gossamer petals, the plump buds and the striking seed pods present an impressive picture and are a joy to behold, bringing a true sense of awe to visitors.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 2
The fields of our beautiful highland countryside, with pretty walking trails and delightful panoramic views, gleam with intense pink.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 3
Especially made and well marked trails cross the sea of blooms, allowing close contact and complete immersion into this unique nature experience: bumblebees, bees and small insects hum and flit from flower to flower.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 4
First, the attention is caught by the just opening flower,Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 5
then one can see into the opened bloom.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 6
If the petals have dropped, one can see the massive seed pods and the whole plant unit.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 7
To see the blooming poppy plants in all their stages is an awe-inspiring experience.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 8
For years now, during the poppy-blooming season, I have visited the picturesque surroundings of Germerode, with the Meißner montain in the background, to enjoy the spectacle. Last year, the grand trip inspired me to take the shapes from the poppy field and to use them as outlines for whitework designs.Mohnblüte Germerode | poppy 9
Wouldn’t it be pleasant to come back to a smartly laid table and to present the poppy cake on a well-ironed white linen cloth embroidered with poppy motifs – the treat would be double!

My ambition was aroused, but to transform poppy motifs into embroidery designs is not an easy task. There are some well-known coloured Cross stitch designs (I think especially of Thea Gouverneur’s, “Secret Garden of Cross Stitch”), but poppy designs in whitework, especially in the technique of Schwalm whitework, were not known to me. Henceforth, I kept my eyes open and found, in the technique of Hardanger embroidery, stitched motifs which looked to me to be poppy seed pods. And there are a few more whitework and other white needlework which could portray the poppy.

I submitted my ideas to different designers, and asked them for help. As a result, I got some beautiful motifs which I am embroidering now. One worked white, but not in the technique of Schwalm, is nevertheless very lovely. Another, worked in the Schwalm technique, is gorgeous.Raum Sommerfrische | area summer resort
You will be able to see the upscale artistic designs and the finished embroideries in the “summer resort” area of my exhibition Noble and White.
Of course the poppy-themed embroidered pieces are too few to fill an entire room in the exhibition, so one will also be able to find many more pieces with other motifs. To emphasize the theme, I coloured one wall of the room pink.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Noble & White – Pictures of the Exhibition

Now all is well prepared for the upcoming exhibition; on Tuesday, 03. June, visitors will be able to see for themselves.
Please, allow me to give you a little virtual tour.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (1)In the three adjacent “crown-halls”, one will find many impressive pieces of contemporary whitework along with a unique variety of antique and reproduced embroideries featuring Schwalm crowns.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (2)Along the walls of each room, rows of framed and meticulously hung embroidered crowns set the theme of the exhibition. The interested viewer will be able to see, draped on tables, window seats, and walls, many skillfully worked fine cloths, nice doilies, noble table runners and picturesque pillowcases.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (3)An abundance of very elaborate embroideries (antique, vintage, and contemporary), as well as less elaborate versions, will be on display.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (4)In every room you will find places to sit, rest, and be inspired. From very old, antique exhibits a lot can be learned and then applied to contemporary whitework. The “blue corner”, the “Christmas corner” and, of course, the “costume corner” offer individual specialities.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (5)The “aviary” hosts all the gorgeous bird motifs. The “Schwalm Bird Tree”, the “Bird Wedding Sampler”, the “Bird Wedding Cloth” will make you marvel. An array of designs (borders, wreath, corner, and center motifs) featuring the charming Schwalm birds rounds off the amazing collection. Of course, crowns with integrated bird motifs should not be overlooked.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (6)The round table has been placed so to offer the opportunity to rummage through books, design drawings and design prints, to chat, to discuss and to learn. On most days, Mrs. Mengel, an experienced teacher, will be present beside me.

Everything is ready for you … all except ONE picture which I am withholding from you for a little while. Please look forward to it!

Here you can download a flyer with all pertinent information regarding the exhibition “noble & WHITE”.

New Exhibition: Noble & White

Noble & WHITE
Embroidery at its best
In this new exhibition, one will be able to marvel at a wide range of beautiful and impressive embroideries. Many talented hands have created true masterpieces of embroidery art – especially Schwalm whitework. Well-known designers have accomplished a small miracle by creating many new and expert designs.

Such a vast display of “Schwalm Crowns” has never been assembled before! Our ancestors have left us a treasure trove of the most beautiful and most interesting ornamentation. The Schwalm Crown designs that will be on display were reproduced, through diligence and hard work, from an extensive collection of traditional embroidery. More than 100 of these Schwalm-typical additions to gorgeous white embroidery are shown. Other elegant crowns – made suitable for the whitework in a modified form – find their way onto various exhibition pieces.
Trachtenzubehoer | Schwalm corstume accessoires
Also on display will be embroidery unique to the Schwalm costume of bygone eras. You will be able to see “cap-top” designs, “apron-square” designs, and garter designs!

The exhibition will also include a focus on the quaint variety of embroidered bird shapes. The “Schwalm Bird Tree” is only one example of the wide range of different designs. The surviving bird motifs, integrated into modern designs, keep alive an inimitable charm. The embroidered “Bird Wedding ” will surely appeal to you! Many samplers anticipate the almost unlimited design possibilities of this fascinating embroidery technique.
Vogelbaumbild | Framed Schwalm Bird Tree
In addition to very old embroideries (some several hundreds of years old), there will be traditional embroidery with a new modern look without frills. Please look forward to a spring-fresh tulip wreath as well as an impressive leaves square, and much, much more. It will not be easy to find your “favorite”. I invite you to embark on the hunt!

This exhibition is shown on the second floor of the building “Boyneburger Tor 3” in 37269 Eschwege, Germany. It is an additional exhibition to my permanent exhibition on the third floor.

The exhibitions will be open from 03. June through 30. August; every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11-15
Entrance Fee: €4 (includes access to both exhibitions)
Special circumstances will be considered; if you are unable to visit on posted days, please email your request.