Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (38)

Now all that needs to be done is the finishing of the outside edges.

The third and final part of the edge treatment should again consist of a 3 cm wide coloured strip. Since the entire edge treatment is to be lined with this strip on the back, I cut the parts to measure 20.5 cm (seam allowance 0.75 cm, coloured strips 3 cm, + the back side coloured strips 3 cm, linen strips 10 cm, coloured strips 3 cm and seam allowance 0.75 cm = 20.5 cm) in the width and the corresponding length. To the strips for the top and bottom edges, I added another 20 cm because a tunnel seam is to be worked there to accommodate a bar. A wide fold is provided on each side to clean finish the tunnel ends.

The interlining is fused to the cotton fabric. The seam allowance for the back is marked and creased so that working the hand-sewn seam later is easier.

Again first the side strips are sewn on.

Since my usually sufficiently large table is much too small for this project and the cloth shouldn’t hang on the ground, a large amount of fabric piles up next to the sewing machine.

The seams are ironed out, the strip folded over to the back and pinned to the inside edge of the sampler.

After each step is worked, the cloth is spread out as much as possible in order to better assess whether the work has been successful.

The lower right corner now looks like this from the front:

The seam allowance shows through the linen; in addition, this area would be unnecessarily bulky.

So, in this area the seam allowance is cut off up to the point marked with the pin.

Then the strip is unfolded a little at the corners so that it can be connected to the adjacent strip along its full width.

Then the side strip is folded back again first

and then the top or bottom strip.

It looks like this on the back:

In this way I got clean tunnel openings.

Finally, the strips are attached to the back with hand stitches.

Viewed from the back, the sampler now looks like this:

Since the special shops are currently closed due to the lock down, I searched on the internet for a suitable hanging bar. Now I’m waiting for the item I ordered.

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