No. 475
category: Limet-Filling pattern
stitches used: 4 X 7 stitches of the simple square eyelet and 4 X 3 Satin stitches over 1 square in the width
center: intersection of withdrawn thread lines (in other shapes or motifs: longitudinal axis = withdrawn thread line)
475_1First, in the established Limet grid, work a grid of seven-stitch simple square eyelets arranged in groups of four, called “small ox eye grid” in Limetrosen I, page 15. From the center, bring the needle up diagonally to the left, one square down.
475_2Work 7 stitches of the simple square eyelet counterclockwise around the starting point.
475_3Repeat working 7 stitches of the simple square eyelet, counterclockwise moving around the center,
475_44 times in all. One “small flower” is finished.
475_5There are two different ways to continue: either work small flowers like a checkerboard all over the shape,
475_6or work from the center small flowers in diagonal rows as seen in the picture above
475_7lengthwise and crosswise
475_8to establish the grid.

In the remaining squares, 4 X 3 Satin stitches are worked, always reemerging in the center hole of the square and stitching always 3 stitches in the same place, one upon the other.
475_9Continue working 3 Satin stitches in all four directions.
475_10Always tighten the thread so that the center hole of the square becomes nicely open.
475_11Work 4 X 3 Satin stitches in each remaining square of the shape.
475_12Washed, starched and ironed one more pretty pattern is finished. It is a little bit similar to pattern 474, but easier to work.

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