Cover for a Storm Lamp
Lamp: glass with a diameter of 18 cm and a height of 18 cm
Linen: old handwoven with a 17/cm thread count, cut to 22 cm X 66 cm (Please note: One long edge had the original hem from the untouched linen roll. I wanted to preserve it, so I only needed a seam allowance for one side.)
Threads: coton à broder No. 20 for Coral Knot stitches and the needleweaving stitches of the filling pattern, No. 25 for Blanket stitches and the Satin stitches, No. 30 for Chain stitches and the Cable stitch grid.
Design: No. 24 measuring 10 cm X 12.42 cm
Filling pattern: No. 139 (Openwork Needleweaving Patterns)

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