Cover for a Needle Book

Linen: 20/cm thread count, cut to 24 cm X 30 cm
Threads: coton à broder No. 20 for Coral Knot stitches, No. 25 for Blanket and Satin stitches, No. 30 for Chain stitches and the filling patterns.
Design: No. 08 measuring 6 cm X 9 cm
Filling patterns: heart – Ostertulpe – dicht (Limetrosen II); circle – Small Ox Eye Grid (Limetrosen I)
Additional item: Inlay for the needle book

  1. Dear Mrs. Hapel, Your work is awesome! I have no words to describe it. It is very inspiring to see such beautiful things being made so perfectly well. I am an amateur embroiderer, hardly know anything about Schwalm Whitework, but I am intrigued about where to find cotton a broder or fleche these days. I particularly like rather fine cotton a broder, but it seems as if every shop that carried them is closing out, and it is harder to find every time.
    Do you have any recommendation as far as suppliers of embroidery stuff is concerned, that one can buy online? Also, sources of supply for fine linens for white work embroidery. I thank you in advance for your kind attention to this request.



    • Thank you for the compliments, Mireya.
      Lately I got a couple of requests for sources of supply coton à broder and linen. So I think it is best to make a list. This will take a while.
      From where do you come?

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