Linen: old handwoven 17/cm thread count, cut to about 25 cm X 60 cm
Threads: coton à broder No. 16 for interlacing the Herringbone stitches and for the needlelace; No. 20 for Coral Knot stitches; No. 30 for Chain stitches, Herringbone stitches, and the filling patterns; 2 strands of 6-ply stranded cotton for the Satin and Stem stitches.
Design: No. 16 measuring 14 cm X 16.93 cm
Filling patterns: heart – “Herzgeflecht” (Limetrosen II), wings of the bird – Plumage (Limetrosen I), body of the bird – interlaced Herringbone stitches variant “a” (Schwalm Curved Lines, Narrow Borders, and Ornamental Stitches)
Needlelace: Multirow needlelace arches (Schwalm Needlelace edge decorations)
If you want to use it as bag for a gift bag, you can work a button border closure on the back of the heart.

  1. Love this heart, Luzine. Would you show pictures on how to do the button border closure?

    Thank you

    • In a future article I will show pictures of how to do the button border closure for a heart, but may be you have to wait some month for publishing.

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