I have shown cutout hearts, mounted on slate hearts and mounted in metallic frames. This year’s Valentine’s Day hearts will be mounted in heart-shaped wooden frames originally made for displaying photos.

First, the opening of the frame is traced onto paper.

A heart design is drawn to fit the shape (but notice that the embroidered heart must be smaller than the frame opening). I wanted the pattern to be cute, so I incorporated many small leaves and Eyelash stitches.

Handwoven linen with its natural colour and its distinctive structure is the right fabric for this project.

Very soon both embroideries were finished, washed, starched, and ironed.

The image below shows how different the two embroideries look with and without wadding. The embroidery on the right, with wadding, is much more prominent.

A layer of poly fleece was placed on the back of the embroidery.

The fleece was secured by stitching along the Coral Knot line.

With a red background the heart duo is a nice decoration for Valentine´s day;

with a neutral background the hearts become a pretty all-year decoration.

  1. This is a charming decoration. Very pretty indeed!

    • Not all projects have to be elaborate. With a few stitches only and a matching frame a pretty decoration is made inner a short time.

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