To create an Easter Egg Wreath design, the artist Gudrun Hartwig first arranged four big egg shapes to form a cross,

and then, in the four areas thus created, she randomly placed smaller eggs of different sizes.

The egg shapes can be embroidered with a wide variety of filling patterns

matching the size of the egg shapes

and matching the lay of the threads within the egg shapes.

Many different patterns are suitable, such as the crosses formed with parts of square eyelets and Satin stitches. It is a nice pattern especially suited for an Easter decoration, isn´t it?

Combining delicate

and more prominent patterns

establishes a pleasing contrast.

This design is worked on a very dense handwoven linen with a thread count of 20/cm.

  1. This is a very fun piece. So many different stitches! Lovely!!

    • Yes, such a piece is well suited for trying out different patterns – and there are so many beautiful patterns in Schwalm whitework.

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