Unfortunately, the colourful show of flowers is not in store for us this spring. The first part of this year was characterized by coldness and gray cloudy skies, allowing us plenty of time to develop indoor activities specially designed to bring colour into our life.

Every day we get a pile of colourful papers in the form of advertising leaflets and catalogues. And lightweight cardboard used for packaging food and non-food items is easily found around the house.

Using an oval or egg-shaped template, suitable sections of the paper can be marked quickly.

The thin paper is cut,

glued to cardboard,

and cut again.

Six matching petals are arranged into a flower and fixed with a center circle.

A coating of glue protects against damp weather. When it has completely dried, it becomes transparent.

A thin wooden stick completes the flower. This “stem” can be pushed into the ground or placed in a vase.

Hundreds of colourful

inexpensively produced flowers

now decorate home

and garden.

Hopefully, the real flowers – their magnificent colours adorning nature like jewelry – will soon bloom.

Happy Easter!

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