Joining lengths of linen with Plaited Insertion stitches (also known as Interlaced Insertion stitches) to get an elastic and flexible join is the subject of this article. (In the previous article you learned about combining two pieces of linen with solid joins.)

One can use faggoting (also known as Twisted Faggot stitch) to join lengths of linen, as seen in the below apron.

This method establishes a narrow embellishment.

A more prominent embellishment is established with groups of three stitches.

To get an elastic and flexible join, this method is more common in the Schwalm.

Thread weight and stitch spacing affect the final appearance.

This method was used for both joining lengths of fabric together and adding bobbin lace or sprang lace.

I will explain how to work Plaited Insertion stitches in a future article.

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