Schwalm whitework – Have you been wishing to learn the beautiful and exceedingly interesting embroidery technique, but no opportunity presented itself?
Well, the opportunity is here! With my detailed lesson booklets written for beginners, you can now learn Schwalm whitework easily and comfortably in your own home completely self directed.

Schwalm whitework consists of a variety of specific techniques, and not all techniques can be learned at once. If you like Schwalm whitework, you can learn to love working it! You can thoroughly learn all the basic steps of Schwalm whitework with my lesson #1 booklet.

Schwalm whitework incorporates three different withdrawn-thread patterns:
• simple – every fourth fabric thread is withdrawn in one direction only
• Limet – every fourth fabric thread is withdrawn in both directions
• openwork – pairs of threads are withdrawn between pairs of remaining threads in both directions For each type a wide range of different fillings patterns are available.

In this lesson you will learn to work the simple withdrawn-thread patterns only. But as you can see in the pictures, you will still have many options. Nine patterns are described in great detail; many suggestions for modifying the patterns are given.

Schwalm whitework provides only nine basic stitches for establishing the infinite variety of filling patterns. Lesson #1 imparts already three of them – Honeycomb Darning, Wave, and Satin stitches.

Lesson #1 imparts the most important basic elements in nine steps:

1. Design transfer
2. Thread preparation
3. Coral Knot stitches
4. Blanket stitch half-eyelet scallops
5. Chain stitches
6. Thread withdrawal for a simple drawn thread filling pattern
7. Filling patterns – please choose one of three different patterns
8. Laundering
9. Finishing.

Should you wish to continue your Schwalm whitework studies, the project booklet includes an additional six filling patterns that are a little more difficult.
For your first small project you will work a heart, which can be cut out or framed in the end.

Other finishing possibilities are square or heart-shaped pincushions and bands.

If you are left-handed, no problem! This lesson booklet is available in two different formats – written for left-handers or right-handers.

Another added benefit of the lesson booklets is that you will not be left wondering how to proceed further in your studies. If you are satisfied with your results and want to learn more, other lesson booklets – each introducing new Schwalm whitework techniques – are available.

Because your success depends on your using the right materials, I highly recommend that you order kit #1 along with the Lesson #1 booklet.

Schwalm Whitework
Lesson #1
Happel Hearts
53 pages
more than 140 images
text: English
plastic comb binding
item price: € 25 (including 7% sales tax), 23.36 € for customers outside the EU

  1. I have done one project in Schwalm Whitework in the past and would like to resume the needlework. I have also done some needleweaving and needlelace and would like to do more. I am anxious to receive my booklet and a sample kit.
    Best regards, Karen Leatherman

    • You must not be anxious. The steps of working are very detailled, and if you take pictures of your first steps and send they via email, I can advise you from here.

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