In previous articles I presented Schwalm sampler cloths, door, and wall hangings. Instead of hemming, a sampler can also be framed. Because a frame is an important design element and the size of the embroidery must be adjusted to the size of the frame, it is good to look for an appropriate frame beforehand.

If the embroidery matches the frame, a perfect presentation – as seen below – can be created.

The sampler includes an elaborate and difficult-to-embroider needle-weaving band with a common Schwalm heart pattern.

The needle-weaving band is additionally embellished with half-eyelet scallops at the sides.
On top of the needle-weaving band, there is a rectangular whitework design that includes the most important Schwalm motifs – heart, tulip, bird, circle, and leaf. Between the densely arranged motifs, a lot of surface whitework embroidery was stitched including all the common elements, such as tendrils, pointed and rounded leaves, and small flowers.

Matching the design elements of the border below and the width of the needle-weaving band, a whitework pattern was designed in the shape of a crown.

All three types of Schwalm filling patterns – simple withdrawn thread, Limet, and openwork – were embroidered.

Many different patterns – perfectly matching the shapes – were chosen.

The embroiderer’s treatment of small details, like the ruffs of the birds, is notable.

The embroiderer always looked for different patterns

to match the shapes.

Often the circles were filled with crosses

or squares.

In total the sampler shows 31 different filling patterns!

And the nice golden crown at the bottom of the sampler picture – especially created to match the design – tops off the beautiful Schwalm embroidery.

More pretty traditional Schwalm crown designs one can find in my books Schwalm Crowns and Grand Schwalm Crowns.

The sampler design is ready for all to enjoy as a downloadable document.

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