Per my request, a brilliant Schwalm designer – Christa Waldmann – made the hand drawing of the beautiful design featured in the framed Schwalm sampler article. Another designer then transferred the hand drawing into a graphic. Now it is ready for all to enjoy as a downloadable document.

The six-page document presents the entire design in its original size with an enlarged picture of the needle-weaving band.

Schwalm Sampler Design
line-drawn design
6 pages
Text: English
1,9 MB file size
10.00 € (incl. 19,00 % sales tax), 8.40 € for customers outside the EU

  1. Hi, Luzine, Beautiful sampler! I am wondering if there is only line-drawn design of this sampler available? Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Luzine and Heather, Yes, I love the sampler ( A Framed Schwalm Sampler) and wish this design comes with the instructions on which patterns were used. Now I understand this one is only the line-drawn design. Thank you! Judy

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