In 2013, a very special sampler cloth was made by Bärbel Kophamel.

She worked on very fine handwoven linen using dense stitches. This combination made outlines and leaves prominent.

By chance she found this linen piece at an antique market. She loved the feel of the fabric very much and enjoyed embroidering on it. From the onset she had no real plan. She began her sampler cloth in the center, adding all the elements that she was interested in.

Step by step she worked ornaments,

borders, and hems,

adding needle-weaving and openwork bands until the entire cloth was filled.

She embroidered creative filling patterns.

She finished the cloth by adding a crown, her initials, and the year. Because she did not like colours in combination with whitework, she embroidered the crown in white.

Bärbel Kophamel has stitched four different samplers in all. I am grateful to her for allowing me to share this beautiful and unique sampler with you today. Perhaps we will be able to have a look at another one of her lovely projects in the future.

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