Lesson #4 is a stand-alone unit that only requires some basic knowledge of embroidery. It deals with different needle-weaving band patterns. Needle-weaving hems or bands are, next to the Peahole hem, most important in Schwalm whitework; there are more than 200 different known patterns.

In needle-weaving bands fabric with a linen weave is transformed by withdrawing fabric threads in one direction and replacing them with embroidery threads that are woven in different patterns.

The lesson #4 booklet expands and improves, with very detailed descriptions, similar content found in my book Fancy Hems. The six on the front page shown band patterns are explained.

You will learn how to
• establish thread bundles,
• establish bridges,
• secure withdrawn thread ends,
• work units,
• change the width of bridges,
• read a diagram,
• remove extra bundles,
• increase the number of bundles, and
• work spiders.

In addition, you will learn how to work
• one-piece block patterns,
• A-patterns, and
• a two-piece block pattern with spiders.

Schwalm Whitework
Lesson #4
Needle-Weaving Band Sampler
47 pages
more than 200 images
text: English
plastic comb binding
item price: €25 (including 7% sales tax), €23.36 for customers outside the EU

The project in the booklet is worked on 14 threads/cm natural coloured linen from the Übelhör linen mill in Austria. One can use any evenweave (or nearly evenweave) linen that is densely woven with a thread count between 13.5/cm and 16/cm. Weddigen linen #160 with 13.5 threads/cm is well suited.
But if one wants to have the same linen to get the same result as shown in the booklet, a kit is available. Kit #4 contains all materials required to complete lesson #4.

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