The delicate little angel stands alone.

The design measures about 8.5 cm X 8.5 cm. It was stitched on Weddigen linen with a 13.5/cm thread count.

Because of its balanced and compact size it would be suitable and easy to mount in an embroidery hoop as seen with the mischievous angel. A few of those mounted pieces can create a beautiful decoration, as the example (unfortunately not with angels) sent from Tomoka Masuki from Japan shows.

But my delicate angel was made to be cut out.

The hair was stitched with 2 strands of 6-ply stranded cotton. Because of the densely worked stitches in different directions, one need not worry about the fabric fraying when cutting out the angel.

I looked for delicate filling patterns to embroider the delicate angel. So I worked Diagonal Cross Filling – French Variation–“half” (Openwork Pattern Samplers) for filling the wings and

Diagonal Cross Filling – French Variation (Openwork Pattern Samplers) for filling the dress. Although both stitches look very different, they are very pretty together.

Boiled, starched, ironed, and cut out, the delicate angel would be a nice decoration for a festive table.

But I chose to use it as an ornament.

  1. Lovely angel! Is it starched?

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