The garden angel was designed by Gudrun Hartwig. She saw pictures of the many different flowers and flower arrangements in my garden and transferred these impressions into the design.

The design measures about 16 cm X 23 cm. It was stitched on handwoven linen with an 18/cm thread count. I worked this special design in the style of early Schwalm whitework using Stem stitches for the outlines and

Satin stitches, Back stitches, and French Knots to fill the shapes.

After boiling and carefully ironing on a soft pad, the embroidery came out very well.

But I decided to underlay it with fleece

and to quilt it at some sections of the outlines.

Framed without glass it reminds me a little bit of the art by KLIMT.

Because of the great interest in angel motifs, I will soon issue a collection of samples. This design will also be among them.

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