Today´s motif is a little floating, trombone-playing angel.

The design measures about 10.5 cm X 7 cm. It was stitched on handwoven linen with an 18/cm thread count.

The hair was stitched with Lazy Daisy stitches and open Chain stitches.

Alternating rows of Diagonal Cross Filling stitches (Openwork Pattern Samplers) and Single Faggot stitches are worked in the wing (Schwalm Bird Tree – extended).

The wing ends, the trombone, hands, sleeve cuffs, dress hem, and shoes are worked with Satin stitches using 2 strands of 6-ply stranded cotton.

Single Satin stitch bars (Wickelstiche) are worked in the dress.

The little floating, trombone-playing angel decorates a cover for a sliding box, which could later store all my cutout angel ornaments unteil next year.

This cute design is also part of the upcoming collection Advent Calendar 2018.

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