A typical candlelabra angel from the Ore Mountains was the inspiration for this design by Irmgard Mengel.

The design measures about 13.5 cm X 21 cm. It was stitched on linen with a 13.5/cm thread count.

The hair area was large enough to work a filling pattern into it – chosen was a variation of Net (Limetrosen I), worked in a grid cut 1, leave 4 horizontally and cut 1, leave 3 vertically.
The crown was too small for a filling pattern needing a grid. So in the top middle one Little Crown (Limetrosen I) was worked. The pattern was completed with French Knots (Early Schwalm Whitework), worked with thick thread and four wraps each.

The wings were filled with a variation of “Federkleid” (= Feathers Limetrosen II).

The sleeves were filled with Single Faggot (Openwork Pattern Samplers) in a grid cut 1, leave 2.
The candle was decorated with some Four-Sided stitches without thread withdrawal.
The candleholder consists of one half-eyelet scallop.

In the waistcoat threads were withdrawn differently – cut 1, leave 3 horizontally and cut 1, leave 3 vertically, but only at the center axis and once each to the left and to the right of it. The rows were worked always from right to left, starting with Wave stitches (Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework and Lesson #1), then one part of Magic (Limetrosen I), and then Wave stitches again.

It was best to decorate the small sections of the skirt with Wave stitches. This stitch is modest in appearance and good for easily filling pointed shapes. To match the pattern of the waistcoat without using the exact same pattern, the skirt’s threads were withdrawn by cutting 1 and leaving 4.
In contrast to the inconspicuous skirt pattern, the apron was filled with a prominent pattern – “Schornstein” (= chimney Limetrosen II).

The skirt hem was decorated with half-eyelet scallops.

Two of these candelabra angels are a beautiful design for long, narrow table runner. In combination with a Peahole hem, the design gets an especially elegant appearance.

To match the seasonal design, I embroidered little stars into the corners. One can find this and many other possibilities for filling corners of Peahole hems in Openwork Pattern Samplers.

This gorgeous design is available pre-transferred twice on 16 threads/cm linen cut to measure 45 cm X 90 cm. The price is €22.50 (includes 19 % sales tax) plus shipping, or €18.91 plus shipping for customers outside the EU.

Please email me with your request.

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