Floating angels keep the key to heaven.

The design border is about 6 cm high. It was stitched on Weddigen linen with a 13.5/cm thread count.

Into the openwork grid, the angel motifs were embroidered with weaving stitches. Because this embroidery will be used to cover a storm lamp, it is important to make the weaving stitches especially dense.
At first I thought to let the angels remain as they are. Experimenting in a computer simulation, I added the design of the key to see how it would look.

I thought it looked good and so embroidered the key with Rose stitches. But I reworked these stitches because I did not like them. I finally worked the key design with weaving stitches; this was much better.

Two more pairs of angels were added.

The short ends of the cover were sewn together, and it was placed over the glass lamp. A yellow transparent paper was fitted between glass and cover.

Even though it looks nice in the daylight, the warm glow when it is lit in the dark is beautiful.

Tips for creating such a cover for a storm lamp – with an openwork grid – will be featured in a future blog article. Please look for it next year on my blog.

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