Today another candlelabra angel is featured. It looks like the little sister of the typical calendabra angel from the Ore Mountains.

The design measures about 10 cm X 13 cm. It was stitched on linen with a 13.5/cm thread count.

The little candles and the hands were embroidered with Satin stitches. The glow of the candle was depicted with Coral Knot stitches.

So that the pattern would also look nice in the small sleeves, I looked for one with segments (part of the pattern that is repeated to create the pattern) that were not too wide. I chose grid with crosses (Lesson #2).

A Chain stitch pattern matches the shape of the wings very well. To get an orderly appearance, it is best to draw a light pen line in the middle of the wing from top to bottom following the curve (I accidentally deleted the corresponding pictures from my camera!). All Chain stitch rows are worked from top to bottom, starting with the middle row and working outwards to both sides.

Of course the outside rows will be shorter to match the shape.

The hair was stitched with 2 strands of 6-ply stranded cotton.

This nice design is also part of the just published collection Advent Calendar 2018.

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