A large unfussy angel enchants with unobtrusive elegance. The design comes from Irmgard Mengel, who is also a very experienced embroiderer. And the design is embroidered perfectly!

The design measures about 21 cm X 17 cm. It is stitched on linen with a 16/cm thread count. The large shapes provide enough space for beautiful filling patterns.

The hairstyle is worked with random straight stitches.

The wings are filled with pattern 471.

The top part of the dress is filled with Four-Sided stitches.

The coat is worked with Double Back stitches (Stars).

The skirt is embroidered with Little Stars and Rose stitches – pattern 13 (Stars). The skirt edge is decorated with interlaced Herringbone stitches.

This elegant design is available pre-transferred twice on 16 threads/cm linen cut to measure 45 cm X 90 cm. The price is €22.50 (includes 19% sales tax) plus shipping, or €18.91 plus shipping for customers outside the EU.

Please email me with your request.

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