At the beginning of the year, Jacqueline Blanot from France sent me pictures of her lampshades.

Experienced in many kinds of embroidery, she worked especially fine and elaborate pieces. Through her teaching of Schwalm embroidery and translating my books into French, Jacqueline has been instrumental in promoting this special type of embroidery in France.
After finding a good source for the appropriate wire frames, she started to stitch. She worked a small one-piece lampshade

and a larger one with four parts. She is especially proud of the larger lampshade. She wrote, “Mounting was expensive, but turned out very well.”

Monika Müller from Germany designed and embroidered unique und pretty pictures for her window sills.

Her husband was able to make matching frames and stands.

Bettina Limburger from Germany was another industrious embroiderer.

First, she finished some hearts, and then she worked a tea cloth with corner designs.

Finally, she embroidered some pillowcases

with different hems and whitework designs.

Cathinka Stronstad from Norway sent me a very special piece. She worked through some of my lessons with great success.
As a result she was able to excellently work the tulip wreath within a short period of time.

Afterwards, she designed her own patterns and filled the shapes. When she was not sure what to do, she asked for advice.

She is a very creative and adventurous embroiderer. After working different Happel Hearts, she got the idea to combine tiny Cross stitches and Schwalm whitework

to establish a Whimsical Rose Heart.

It turned out beautifully.

Then she experimented with other fabric. She wrote, “I also bought some blue jean-like fabric for a dress. I will embroider it with white thread in a Schwalm manner but attempt to insert linen for openwork. It will be an experiment.” She embroidered a circle openwork grid on linen, cut out a circle from the denim, and inserted her grid piece. Then she added surface whitework embroidery. I do not know what happened after laundering. I applaud her willingness to try out new ideas!

Chaeyoun lee from South Korea made a big and beautiful sampler with different needle-weaving bands this year. She started before the publications of my books Lesson #4 and Schwalm Needle-Weaving Bands.

Earlene Lipowskie from the United States took a class in Eschwege this summer. She saw my traditional Schwalm Cross stitch sampler and wanted to embroider one for herself. By November the elaborate piece was already finished. Because matching green silk ribbon was difficult to find, she decided to finish the work with a hemstitch border stitched in green thread. Her wonderful Schwalm sampler will get a pride of place in her home.

Gertrude Vorwerk from Germany found a very special design in the small regional museum Bustarfell in Iceland.
She was allowed to take photos. At home she designed a special pillowcase.

To learn how to work the hem, she took a class for hemming and made a gorgeous band sampler.

In the year ahead Gertrude plans to take a class for Schwalm needle-weaving hems. She has an elaborate partially finished Schwalm sampler, begun by another lady who was not able to continue the work due to health problems; Gertrude would like to finish it now. Therefore she needs many different needle-weaving patterns. Perhaps we will see her finished piece next year.

Last but not least is the work of the Korstygnet group of the Vaksala Assembly in Uppsala, Sweden. They embroidered lavender bags based on one of my blog posts. All turned out pretty.

Thanks a million to those who gave me permission to feature their projects in this blog post.
And to all I wish limber fingers, keen eyesight, and plenty of time for the most beautiful stitching moments.

Happy New Year!

  1. Beautiful works! How proud you must be, Luzine! Your hard work spread over all the world. I’m so happy for you.

    Hope you a healthy, good and succeceful New Year 2019, from my deepest heart, my friend!
    xx meri

  2. Danke für Ihre tollen Blogideen 2018. Die Schwälmer Weißstickerei ist zwar “alt”, aber durch Ihre Ideen immer wieder neu erfunden. Dafür danke ich Ihnen ganz herzlich.
    Ich freue mich auf das Blogjahr 2019, bleiben Sie weiter so kreativ!
    Liebe Grüße G. Vorwerk

    • Danke für die netten Worte! Ich versuche immer, die Balance zu halten zwischen traditioneller Stickerei und zeitgemäßen Einflüssen. Für 2019 habe ich schon viele gute Ideen – mal sehen, wieviel ich davon umsetzen kann.

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