As already mentioned, slight tweaks can sometimes improve your embroidery. The hairstyle often contributes to the overall appearance of an angel figure. Therefore they will be summarized here. Hairstyles can be worked very differently, as the examples in the overview below show.

Most simple is to stitch curly hair with half-eyelet scallops. In this way very different hairstyles can be created.

If the shapes are large enough,

they can be filled with tiny filling patterns.

Patterns of parts of Square Eyelets are ideal for filling hair shapes.

My book Limetrosen I provides different suitable patterns.

The shape can be also outlined and then filled with separated Straight stitches.

It is also possible to outline the shapes with Coral Knot stitches and to fill them with densely worked Satin stitches.

A similar hairstyle can be worked with Satin stitches only.

Densely worked Satin stitches can create the widest variety of hairstyles.

Whether with a severe part

for short or

for longer hair

or with a less severe part, as the following examples show,

or without a part

– the possibilities for creating hairstyles using Satin stitches are endless.

Long hair can be depicted by using Satin stitches,

or with strands of thread drawn to the front.

Wavy hair can be embroidered with stem stitches.

A style of messy “braids” can be made with rows of Chain stitches,

whereas open Chain stitches and Lazy daisy stitches can create a curly hairstyle.

A more prominent curly style can be achieved with curved Bullion Knots (Early Schwalm Whitework).

There are so many possibilities – dare to experiment!

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  1. What a fascinating variety of ‘hair’!

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