Now and then my exhibits need to be laundered; they collect dust being displayed in the exhibition for so many months, and above all the summer sun caused them to yellow in some parts. I took advantage of the summer break to take them home for washing and ironing.

Viewing the various items waving in the wind on the clotheslines in my garden, I was once again awestruck by the trove of wonderful and diverse embroideries made over the years.

I enjoy my summer life – relaxing, embroidering, and gardening. But I am always thinking about how I might inspire Schwalm whitework enthusiasts. I look forward to sharing with you the next big project that is in the works. And I also look forward to welcoming interested visitors to my exhibition.

  1. beautiful!your works! Always 🙂

    • Thank you, Méri. In the meantime I have such a treasure of beautiful embroideries, that I can not show all. Many are stored in cupboards. Now and then I surprise my self with becoming aware of a piece which slipped out of my mind already.

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