December always comes faster than you think. So here is the first idea for Christmastime decorations. Last year´s Advent Calendar surprised readers with twenty-four different angel figures. However, the Angels – Advent Calendar 2018 booklet includes twenty-seven nice basic designs in all; here I present one more of those beautiful angels.

The design measures about 13 cm X 17 cm. It is stitched on handwoven linen with a 17/cm thread count.

The prominent curly hairstyle you know already from my article “Follow-up of the Angels Meeting (2).”

The wings were embroidered with the pattern Scales (Limetrosen I).

The sleeve was filled with Rose stitches that match the Rose stitches in the filling pattern of the dress.

The dress was filled with Double Stars with 4 X 3 Satin Stitches and Rhombi of Four Rose Stitches – pattern 19 (Stars)

The notes on the sheet of music are made with Lazy Daisy and Straight stitches.

To make the face a little more prominent (unfortunately there is a weave flaw directly on the outline of the face), I placed a piece of fleece under the face section, quilted it to the linen along the outline, and trimmed it close to the stitching.

One more pillowcase is finished and waiting for the December decoration.

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