category: Limet-Filling pattern
linen used: 13.5/cm thread count
threads used: coton à broder No. 20
stitches used: Easy Eyelet stitches and Satin stitches
longitudinal axis: group of three threads
one pattern segment = 20 threads

First, establish a Limet grid with a group of three threads as the longitudinal axis by cutting 1, leaving 3, vertically and horizontally.

Work two rows of Easy Eyelet stitches along the longitudinal axis – one on each side of the three-thread group.

Work two rows of Satin stitches next to one side of the Easy Eyelet rows.

Always alternate working two rows of Easy Eyelet stitches and two rows of Satin stitches until one half of the shape is filled. Working from the already embroidered section, fill the remaining section.

Another straight striped pattern is established.

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