Did you also learn to work rows of Four-Sided stitches like me – from the front of the fabric and from right to left?

Working hundreds of hems using Four-Sided stitches, I discovered a much easier and faster way of stitching. It is worked from the back of the fabric and from left to right.

Working this way is going to be the least stressful on your wrist joint, because in two of the needed three stitches it is held straight,

and for only one stitch it is bent.

Did you test it already?

  1. Very interesting to work the four-sided stitch from the back of the fabric! Who would have thought that the movement would be better for your joints?

    • Watching the movements of your arm while emulating the stitches in the air you will notice, that there is only a small move of the shoulder joint and a marginal move of the elbow joint in two of the three stitches.
      This is not important for casual stitchers. But for people with joint problems and for those embroidering often, it is good to know. Also this way of working saves time.

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