I would like to again end the year with another advent calendar. I began presenting advent calendars on my blog in 2016. That advent calendar consisted of twenty-four delicate wreath designs, and many of my blog readers were enthusiastic about them. Thus encouraged, I continued to think up holiday projects. In 2017 there were small projects embroidered with typical Schwalm motifs, and in 2018 there was a meeting of angels.

This year’s project is a big wreath motif – representing the

Nativity scene.

Some will surely ask: “Once again the Christmas story as the motif? Are there not yet enough different designs on this subject?” I don’t think so.
This pattern is something special. It is a beautiful and coherent composition that was designed by an artist; an embroidery designer made slight changes to ensure a better stitching experience, and finally a graphic designer rendered the pattern into the clean line drawing you see in the end of this article.

Even if you have already embroidered a project with the Christmas story, it is worth further realization with the present design. It’s a lot of fun to work out the very different characters. And although some might encounter difficulties in some details, rest assured that I will help you with suggestions, instructions, and many pictures. I hope the daily – starting tomorrow! – detailled instructions will delight you.

The design is laid out as a wreath. The external diameter measures between 60 cm and 66 cm. The design is suitable for a special cloth, a wall hanging, or a curtain.

Of course the single characters or the groups of figures can be arranged in other ways. For example one might choose to create a band, to arrange them as a square or rectangle, or to cut them a little bit similar to Jessica Grimm´s project.

It is suitable and easy to mount single characters or groups of figures in an embroidery hoop for a casual holiday display, like the angels shown in the bottom parts of Advent Calendar 2018 – No. 1 and Advent Calendar 2018 – No. 15.

I can imagine very well the embroidery mounted on a LED panel for decorating a wall.

But if one wishes to hang it so that it is backlit (e.g., hung in a window), threads carried on the back side will be visible. One can remedy this by using double knots at the beginning and end of each small section separately and trimming the thread tails short.

The embroidery is richly diverse and leaves room for one’s own creativity. It is really fun to embroider this beautiful design!

Christmas Wreath
Advent Calendar 2019
line drawings
23 pages, text: englisch, 4.2 MB file size
(inc. 19% sales tax, so it is EUR20.17 for customers outside the EU)

  1. That is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had the time to do it.:)

    • Thank you Kate. In the next days you will see step by step, that the realisation of this project is not as elaborate as it looks. And … you must not finish it to this year´s Christmas!

  2. Will it be possible to see the instructions at a later date? I would love to embroider this lovely piece, but do not have the time to do it now.

    • Yes, Rosalyn, it will be possible. The instructions remain on my blog and via my blog archive with thumbnails you can find them easily.

  3. wie immer freut es mich Ihren blog anzusehen , meine tage sollten 48 stunden haben . ich hoffe im frühling mehr zeit zu haben . alle meine bekannten finden die schwalm stickerei sehr sehr schön !!! ein schönes Weihnachtsfest wünsche ich Ihnen und Ihrer Familie und ich feue mich auf Ihren nächsten Blog
    Margrit Michaux

    • Danke Margrit. Gut, dass Ihre Bekannten die Schwälmer Stickerei sehr schön finden. Es freut mich, dass Sie meinen Blog gern besuchen – es wird noch viele interessante Beiträge geben.

  4. Immer wieder bin ich fasziniert von der Schwälmer Stickerei.Die präziese Arbeit die sie uns zeigen. Immer wieder neue Ideen.Danke!!!

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