Wise Men (3b)

All remaining outlines were worked with Slanting Wide Stem stitches (coton à broder No. 16).
In the coat a Limet grid was established.

Because the area is large enough, a pattern with a wider segment can be worked. I decided on the beautiful pattern with double Stars (Pattern No. 19, Stars). This pattern is sufficiently different to stand out against the pattern of the figure beside it.

The collar was worked with Blanket stitches. Cape and sleeve got a Limet grid – please be careful to withdraw the threads inside the different shapes staggered to the adjacent ones to avoid slipping out the remaining thread ends under the Stem stitches.

The sleeve got a variation of Rose stitches – the single stitches are worked over only two of the three fabric threads (coton à broder No. 25). So between the Rose stitches one thread on each side remains.

Working this way establishes a fine pattern appearance.

In contrast, the cape was filled with the double square eyelet pattern Kaskade (Limetrosen II).

I really like how the third Wise Man turned out,

and the group of three is beautiful.

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  1. Amazing work!

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