The embroidery starts with the hair and the beard. It is worked with Stem stitches (2 strands of 6-ply stranded cotton). Next the facial outline

and the outline of the hand were embroidered.

Then I outlined only the outside lines of the skirt to enable a continuous filling pattern. Thread withdrawing was done only vertically and stopped before reaching the beard.

Honeycomb Darning stitches (coton à broder No. 20) were worked

always leaving a small area free between the pattern and the beard.

The marked lines of the unworked outlines are clearly visible through the pattern;

so working them afterwards is no problem.

To establish a girdle, threads were slid

under one row of Honeycomb Darning stitches.

The trousers got a Limet grid,

and Four-Sided stitches (coton à broder No. 20) were worked as filling pattern.

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