I used a small design with an ivy tendril to test the 20 threads/cm linen. This linen is available here also in small sizes. I was not absolutely careful when transferring the design with an iron, so the fabric got lightly scorched in the process.

Using coton à broder No. 20 for the Coral Knot, No. 25 for the Satin, and No. 30 for the Blanket and Chain stitches, the prep work was finished.

I decided to use only openwork filling patterns worked in a Cable stitch grid. The smallest motif remains as an openwork Cable stitch grid, the other small leaf was filled with a Rose stitch pattern. And the largest leaf has a needle-weaving filling pattern.

The design shows leaf veins, and so I considered whether or not to work them. I decided to add the veins in the large leaf. The marks of the design transfer were still noticeable, but I decided to touch them up with a #2 pencil.

Using coton à broder No. 16 Chain stitches were worked along the line.

On the way back each stitch was wrapped once to establish the leaf veins.

The piece is hemmed – because of it´s small size – with Antique Hem stitches only.

After boiling the scorch is gone. And after starching and ironing, I have a nice small doily for a special tray.

You will be able to see this design and some more elaborate ivy designs next summer at my new exhibition. It will be great!

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