Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (3)

The second and third contributions to the global sampler have arrived.

Born in Sweden, Elisabet Vogt Pleijel once embroidered a lot of Schwalm whitework. After years of not doing this kind of needlework, she decided to embroider a project to contribute to the global sampler.

She wrote: “I tried to combine old and new Schwalm whitework in a mini sample cloth and to use as many variants as possible.”

This turned out well. She used the design of a flower and filled the center with a pattern of early Schwalm whitework. The petals were filled with simple and Limet withdrawn thread patterns (Wave, Rose, and Diagonal Cross stitches). In addition, the 2-pattern can be found as a Limet filling pattern and a needleweaving ornament as an openwork pattern. Half-eyelet scallops, Blanket stitch eyelets, tendrils, small leaves, and a piece of Peahole hem complete the embroidery.

Gertrude Vorwerk from Germany submitted a very special contribution. She filled the entire background with a Satin stitch Limet filling pattern and scattered butterflies all over the area.

Regarding to the Corona crisis, she wrote: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was going under, it became a butterfly.”

The simple butterflies stand out from the background. Coral Knot and Chain stitches shape the outlines of the wing; wrapped Chain stitches and Blanket stitch eyelets decorate them. Satin stitches form the body; the antennae were embroidered with Coral Knot stitches and French knots. Illuminated from behind this embroidery takes on an especially beautiful effect.

One can find the first contribution in Update (1).

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