Bird Motifs (2)

While the bird representations in Schwalm whitework of the 19th century were mostly relatively large, often a little clumsy, and almost always very closely embedded in the surrounding embroidery, in the 20th century the same motifs became smaller with more balanced proportions, and they are more dicernible from the surrounding embroidery. Other forms were also gradually added.

At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries, the bird representations experienced an enormous change. They became more diverse, playful, and closer to nature.

If you are interested in lovely balanced designs with birds, you can find them in my shop.

Bird motifs designed by the artist Gudrun Hartwig according to traditional models are included in the exquisite border designs Vertical Bird Border and Horizontal Bird Border.

At my request, the designer Christa Waldmann created two beautiful and unique patterns: a tree of life filled with birds – the Schwalm Bird Tree – extended and fourteen very different pairs of birds – the Schwalm Bird Wedding Designs

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