Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (7)

Elisabeth Erdmann from Germany has designed a pretty picture herself; it contains all the typical motifs of Schwalm whitework – such as heart and tulip. In doing so, she cleverly integrated the heart outline three times.

She addresses the choice of her motifs as a thank you to me.
She wrote – roughly translated: “Basket, heart, suns, birds and pomegranate –
the abundance of your patterns
they are making us wholehearted
always friendly and willing
in the shortest possible time
available all over the world.”

The picture became a real little Schwalm sampler cloth due to the elaborate embroidery. In addition to simple withdrawn-thread patterns, openwork patterns and Limet patterns can be found. The “suns” were yet decorated with the finest needlelace. In addition to very numerous small leaves, there are also eyelets, half-eyelets and many tendrils.

Marlies Martin from Germany embroidered stars.

She wrote – roughly translated: “My good mood producers in the Corona crisis were the stars – for me synonymous with sky, flower meadow and fulfilling embroidery hours.”

As a former long-time instructor, Marlies Martin has taught fine white work to generations of embroiderers. Now, due to failing health and fingers that no longer make fine work, she seldom embroiders. So you can imagine my surprise when I received from her a submission for the global sampler! This great old lady of whitework has filled a diamond with a total of forty-nine small stars! To do this, she chose a challenging pattern from my star book. I would like to give a special thank you to Marlies Martin.

You can see more contributions in Update 6.

  1. What a heartwarming story and background !!

    • I know her perfect embroidery projects from years ago. Not knowing, that it is now difficult for her, I asked for attending to the global sampler. She did, and afterwards she told me, how hard it is in older age, when eyes and fingers do no longer want to do their work. So I decided do add the story.

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