Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (18)

Now on to the grand finale: I recently received a package from Hong Kong with 36 (!) carefully packed embroideries.

Mimi Chan is a perfectly trained embroiderer with body and soul. She passes on her enthusiasm to young people through free lessons. She teaches her great skills in courses for adults.

When she found out about the Global Schwalm Sampler project, she encouraged many of her students to participate – both beginners and advanced embroiderers. They all did their best.

Of course, I can’t present all of these embroideries at one time – that would go beyond the scope of my blog posts. Little by little, I will show them all – in the order in that I opened the individual packages.

Due to another lockdown in Hong Kong, Mimi had to temporarily close her studio again. The work that had been started had to be completed on one’s own at home and then laboriously collected throughout the big city. Since time was of the essence, many embroideries did not include a reason for the chosen motif.

What is in all the small and large packages?

Have fun exploring the wunderful contents, looking at the diverse design ideas and discovering all the interesting embroidered details.

Elaine Chiu

Vincci Ko

Toni Lam

Kennes Young

Anna Chan

Laurels Lung

You can see more contributions in Update (17).

  1. What a wonderful package of surprises for you! The pieces are all beautiful and I love the veriety of unusual stitches.

    • Yes, Lyn, these contributions are all beautiful – and there are so many more stunning embroideries waiting to be presented. So please look forward to the next blog posts.

  2. Fantastisch, was Menschenhände wunderbares,schönes machen können. Auch dass unsere Augen das Schöne sehen können. Ihnen Frau Happel ein großes Dankeschön für die Idee mit dem globalen Mustertuch,es ist eine Weltweite Verbindung.
    Liebe Grüße A.Bischof

    • Ja, Frau Bischof, es ist fantastisch! Durch die globale Beteiligung werden so viele einzigartige Einfälle und Ausführungen präsentiert – eine große Sonderausstellung zur Schwälmer Weißstickerei könnte nicht mehr Ideen und breitere Abwechslung bieten!

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