Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (20)

Here are seven more unique embroideries from the Hong Kong contributions. Some of the ladies donated two pieces. I thought that a bit of openwork would be good to include into the sampler. Unfortunately time was limited, still a couple of embroiderers managed to work a second, more open, contribution – an extra thanks to all of them.

All the embroiderers included the reason for choosing their respective designs.

Cindy Yeung
She wrote: “My design of leaflets, flowers and tendrils intertwined within a circular shape was intended to bring inner peace and joy to the audience. I find this especially important in times of adversity, when we need more support, empathy and collaboration across people from all walks of life.”

Vanessa Cheung
She wrote: “My design is inspired by the hibiscus that blossomed in the garden outside my building during COVID-19. I saw them every day on my way to work. Their beauty and vitality remind me that there is always something to treasure around us even amid the most difficult times.”

Stephanie Lam named her piece `Spring´.
She wrote: “`Spring´ is the beginning of the year in which weather is getting warmer and plants start to grow. `Spring´ inspired me to design this work with lots of flowers. Through this work, it is my hope to bring joy (sunflower) and love (heart-shape flower) to people in the world, including medical professionals on the front line who risks their lives for us.”

Stephanie Lam

Koey Wu
She wrote: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt only by the heart.”

Cathy Lo
She wrote: “This is the first time that I am experienced in Schwalm Technique. Never I stitched any item in the Schwalm style. The most close to it is the Hardanger table runner project in the past. I have done two designs. The first one is called „Cats and Bird“, which was my very first attempt to put Schwalm technique into it, and I was quite unsure and struggling. As more practice and search on your web to found out more and knowing all different type and method. So I try again.”

Cathy Lo
She wrote: “The second design is the Hong Kong flag. The regional flag is a design of five Bauhinia petals, each with a star in the middle. I chose this design because the petal will give me a basic area to work five different techniques, and of course the country I come from.”

You can see more contributions in Update 19.

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