Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (29)

At the beginning of the Global Schwalm Sampler campaign, Grit Kovacs promised to help me assemble the many individual parts. I am very grateful to her for that, but now I’ve decided to attach the connecting strips on the back with hand stitches. However, that’s about 50 meters, and I need more than an hour for one meter – I can’t ask anyone to do this kind of work for me. Since machine and hand sewing have to be done alternately and we live too far apart, I also have to do the machine sewing myself.

Grit is still very helpful and is at my side in an advisory capacity. She took a lot of time to deal with my problems and answer all of my questions. She loaned me her original fabric sample card to select the fabric color for the connecting strips and provided me with pieces of fabric to test. As a result, I was able to decide in peace and quiet and put together my material list.

Now the package with my orders has arrived. In addition to a few utensils that I didn’t have on hand, it mainly contained the right sewing thread and the fabric for the connecting strips. I will need at least 10 meters of fabric with a width of 1.10 m, but I have ordered a few more meters to be on the safe side.

For the colour, I decided on a medium beige-gold tone – a subtle colour that will clearly subdivide the sampler and yet be unobtrusive.

The fabric colour corresponds almost exactly to the MEZ Anchor embroidery thread colour 887. Embroidery thread colour 888 is the most common colour for embroidering traditional Schwalm crowns. I will use colour 888 to make the inscription for the sampler. (Unfortunately, the image does not show the exact tone, but I can assure you that it looks good.)

Now the sewing can begin.

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