Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (30)

Before starting the assembly process, I laundered all the contributions one more time – piece by piece. Some pieces were very heavily starched, others not at all. I wanted to create the same conditions for all embroideries. Since I often have to pick up the pieces while putting them together, creases cannot be avoided. For the final ironing, I’ll use starch spray.

After washing, I ironed all the embroideries very carefully.

When the valuable works lay spread out in front of me and showed their full splendor in the light of the autumn afternoon sun, I was once again reminded of the huge responsibility that I had undertaken in putting them together.

A paper plan with reduced images of the embroidery is one thing, seeing the originals is quite another.

Since I don’t have a table that is big enough to hold all the embroideries spread out next to each other, and since I can’t work on the floor, I cleared a wall so that I could temporarily pin the pieces there based on my plan.

After only a few minutes, the disenchantment came: Because I was working with black and white paper templates, I did not think to pay attention to balancing the distribution of differing shades of white linen – some were bright white, some grayish, and others more yellow. But even worse was the fact that the targeted height was too great!

My workroom is higher than the standard dimensions for rooms in Germany, and the sampler’s wide border still has to be considered!

So, I must start all over again with puzzling and planning.

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  1. What a big and complicated task you have! I have been following the process and with all your attention to detail and careful planning it will no doubt be beautiful.

    Frei übersetzt:
    Was für eine große und komplizierte Aufgabe Sie haben! Ich habe den Prozess verfolgt und mit all Ihrer Liebe zum Detail und sorgfältigen Planung wird es zweifellos schön werden.

    • Thank you Lyn,
      I will translate your comment for my German readers.
      Always I am some steps ahead my blog posts. So far the sampler parts look indeed beautiful laying on my tables. They are yet not completely sewn together – one seam is missing to assamble both parts. But the great moment to see the truth in hanging it will take some more time.

      Ich bin meinen Blogbeiträgen immer ein paar Schritte voraus. Bis jetzt sieht das Mustertuch gut aus, aber es besteht noch aus zwei Teilen und liegt auf den Tischen. Die letzte Verbindungsnaht steht noch aus. Und der große Moment der Wahrheit, wenn das riesige Tuch hängen wird, wird noch nicht so bald kommen. Ich hoffe aber, dass das Projekt noch in diesem Jahr abgeschlossen sein wird.

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