Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (35)

Thanks to precise preparation and assistance holding the large amount of fabric during machine sewing, the inner part of the sampler is now completely assembled. It measures 1.90 m X 3.08 m.

But before it can be hung up, an edge fastening must be attached.

An explanatory inscription will be integrated into this border design. Since my vision for the sampler is that it should travel around the world, it makes more sense to keep this text in English.
I decided on the following text:





The letters will be in three different sizes: the largest for the headline, the middle for the two lines that will be placed on the left and right of the embroidery, and the smallest for the long explanatory text at the bottom of the sampler.

I chose to work the letters with cross stitches – the most common type of lettering in the Schwalm. However, the usual Schwalm characters are very heavily decorated, and that makes them difficult to read. So I decided to use modified Schwalm characters that are less ornate.

Common in the Schwalm, the crosses are usually embroidered over 3 X 3 fabric threads.

For the sampler, the smallest letters will be worked with one cross per chart square, the middle with 2 X 2 crosses, and the largest with 4 X 4 crosses each.

Two strands of 6-ply stranded cotton will be used for this embroidery. I chose Anchor colour No. 888 – the most widely used colour for working Schwalm crowns and a shade darker than the colour of the connecting strips. And I chose a linen with a 13.5/cm thread count as the base material.

There are 12,074 crosses in the entire border text and thus 24,148 stitches that have to be made (all done on a densely woven linen, which is very fine for counted embroidery). After trying things out with the aids available to me, such as a spectacle attachment and a small magnifying lamp, I bought another, more flexible, magnifying lamp.

Now the final work can be done quickly. But only after the many stitches are embroidered first!

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  1. DEAR Luzine,
    sono una delle ricamatrici del global esampler che va via via prendendo forma e non posso che provare ammirazione per il grande lavoro che stai facendo per confezionarlo. Stai davvero facendo un gran lavoro e non vedo l’ora di ammirare il sampler finito. Sarebbe davvero bello poterlo poi ammirare dal vivo e quindi, quando sarà il momento, mi piacerebbe che fosse ospitato anche qui in Italia. Un saluto affettuoso.

    frei übersetzt: “Ich bin einer der Stickerinnen des globalen Mustertuches, das allmählich Gestalt annimmt, und ich kann nur Bewunderung für die großartige Arbeit empfinden, die Sie leisten, um ihn zusammenzustellen. Sie machen wirklich einen tollen Job und ich kann es kaum erwarten, den fertigen Sampler zu sehen. Es wäre wirklich schön, ihn live bewundern zu können, und wenn es soweit ist, möchte ich, dass es auch hier in Italien ausgestellt wird.”

    roughly translatetd: “I am one of the embroiderers of the global esampler that is gradually taking shape and I can only feel admiration for the great work you are doing to assemble it. You are really doing a great job and I can’t wait to see the finished sampler. It would be really nice to be able to admire it live and then, when the time comes, I’d like it to be shown here in Italy too.”

    • Dear Piera,
      Grazie per il complimento.
      Ho tradotto il testo per i miei lettori.
      Il campionatore finito può probabilmente essere visto sul mio blog solo a metà febbraio. Quando può essere emesso dipende dallo sviluppo della pandemia Covid-19. Hai qualche idea su dove esporre il campione in Italia?
      i migliori saluti

      “Danke für das Kompliment.
      Ich habe den Text für meine Leser übersetzt.
      Das fertige Mustertuch kann man wahrscheinlich erst Mitte Februar auf meinem Blog sehen. Wann es ausgestellt werden kann, hängt von der Entwicklung der Covid-19 Pandemie ab. Hätten Sie eine Idee, wo das Musteruch in Italien ausgestellt werden könnte?”

      “Thank you for the compliment.
      I translated the text for my readers.
      The finished sampler can probably only be seen on my blog in mid-February. When it can be issued depends on the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. Do you have any ideas where the sampler can be exhibited in Italy?”

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