In Germany Easter is, among other things, associated with the Easter bunny, who hides the Easter eggs in the nest for the children.

Somehow this picture also reminds me of our current pandemic situation.

The Race between the Hare and the Hedgehog

So I chose this section from the embroidered fairytale-like wall hanging by Rosemarie Landsiedel-Eicken, to wish you

Happy Easter!

She was it, giving the inspiration for the Global Schwalm Sampler. In one of my future articles I will show details of the sampler which was shown in total then.

Rosemarie Landsiedel-Eicken embroidered different wall hangings, amongst others also a fairy-tale like one including the representation of The Hare and the Hedgehod. May be, I can show more details of this sampler in the future.

  1. Merci Luzine belles fêtes de Pâques à vous aussi..Prenez soin de vous..Ici je me régale avec le linge ancien.j’apprivoise le point de corail.Cordialement Evelyne DELAUNAY COQUEREL
    Vielen Dank Luzine und schönes Osterfest . Passen Sie auf sich auf. Hier genieße ich die altes Leinen und sticke Knötchenstiche.
    Thank you Luzine and happy Easter. Take care. Here I enjoy the old linen and embroider Coral Knot stitches.

    • Merci! Oui, avec tant de beaux modèles, il faut d’abord travailler beaucoup de piqûres de point de corail. Mais ensuite….
      Danke! Ja bei so vielen schönen Musternvorlagen gilt es, zuerst jede Menge Knötchenstiche zu arbeiten. Aber dann ….
      Thank you! Yes, with so many beautiful printed designs, you have to work a lot of Coral Knot stitches first. But then….

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