Filling Pattern – No. 552

category: Limet-Filling pattern
linen used: 13.5/cm thread count
threads used: coton à broder No. 20
stitches used: Satin and Rose stitches
center: intersection of withdrawn thread lines (in other shapes or motifs longitudinal axis = withdrawn thread line)
one pattern segment: 20 fabric threads

This pattern for larger motifs can be used for shapes both on the straight of grain and shapes on the bias.

The filling pattern shown here is a practice exercise only. You can see it used in a shape at the end of this article.

First, establish a Limet grid with an intersection of withdrawn thread lines at the center by alternately cutting 1, leaving 3, vertically and horizontally.

Mark around the center point by working Satin stitch bars around an area of 4 X 4 squares (the center point situated directly in center).

Continue working Satin stitch bars over one square (3 threads) in the width and 4 squares (12 stitches) in the length in a stair-step manner

until the entire shape is filled.

Work squares consisting of 8 Rose stitches in straight rows inside each Satin stitch grid area.

Ensure that the center holes are kept well defined and open.

Continue working squares of 8 Rose stitches until the entire shape is filled.

Remember that the Limet grid is prepared differently for shapes positioned on the bias. Please refer to this article.

and then continue in the established way.

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