Embroideries by Rosemarie Landsiedel-Eicken (2)

In Part 1 of Rosemarie Landsiedel-Eicken’s embroidery I presented her first work. Here is one of her other works. This, too, is still closely based on the course program of the time.

A tea cloth with an elaborate wreath motif was created. In addition to hearts and various tulips and other flowers; bird motifs can also be seen.

A combination of Peahole hems and Four-Sided stitches was used on the edge. Such combinations were common and popular as further teaching content in courses. Because of the fabric threads remaining in the corner due to the rows of Four-Sided stitches, the corner was easier to work out than, for example, with a needle-weaving hem, where all the corner threads are withdrawn and have to be replaced by embroidery threads.

In addition to the basic stitches, other patterns and new pattern combinations were used: Feather stitches decorate some bird motifs, openwork needle-weaving patterns, Satin stitch fillings, heart-shaped leaves, 2 short-2 long stitches, and Blanket stitch eyelets.

Take a look for yourself!

  1. What kind of linen is this? It’s so lovely.

    • It is old, handwoven linen.
      Nowadays one can find such linen here and there. It is very different woven and mostly not wider then about 80 cm.
      Are you interested in getting a small quantity?

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