Shortening days and the dark season of the year impair the radiance of a whitework exhibition. Therefore, as announced, it will be closed for this year. When the sun rises higher again, I will be available again from next spring to make appointments to visit the exhibition.

Many visitors took the opportunity to look at all the different embroideries. Nobody has regretted having often traveled a long way.

Many very nice conversations were held and interesting information exchanged. All visitors started their journey home freshly motivated. Some who had actually stopped embroidering were inspired to continue their hobby. The fun of embroidery and the relaxation you find with it count and not the full cupboards and the lack of interest from the heirs.

The extremely positive response is an incentive and driving force for me to keep our beautiful textile art and cultural property alive in the future to the best of my ability.

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  1. I’m glad you had a successful exhibition and hope to visit again one day. You are right, we can only enjoy the process now, and not worry about the future. Even so, I am very sad to think that some people do not value the treasures they have in their family !

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