With the high level of knowledge acquired, it was now possible to use that knowledge and corresponding skills individually. Rosemarie Landsiedel-Eicken designed an elaborate, very individual and varied border design for a table runner. With great attention to detail, she turned scenes from rural life into embroidery that is both uncommon and well worth seeing. She has skillfully integrated, for example, sections of needle-weaving hems or small needlelace fillings.

Enjoy the viewing!

  1. Congratulations, Rosemarie! It’s beautiful!

    • Soon the last Schwalm whitework embroidery by Rosemarie Landsiedel-Eicken will be on view – also a very special piece. Be curious!

  2. Diese Decke,ein wahrhaftiger Augenschmaus !!!!

    • Bald wird noch die letzte Arbeit in Schwälmer Weißstickerei von Frau Landsiedel-Eicken zu sehen sein – auch ein ganz besonderes Stück. Seien Sie gespannt!

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