Gertrude Vorwerk presented an attractive and individual variant for a pillow closure. Her unusual version with a decorative ribbon arranged at the top looks very appealing and shows great creativity.

She wrote: “Belatedly on your blog with the special pillow closures, I want to show you my version. It’s from 1997 and I had no idea how to sew pillowcases. I only started embroidering in 1996, that’s what happened!

Since I didn’t know how to close the pillow – I certainly didn’t have enough fabric – I came up with the idea of ​​designing the edge like this. The blue ribbon was lying around in my gift ribbon box, it was perfect for the pillow. I think it’s wonderful that I had a similar idea back then.”

Many thanks for sending the pictures!

More embroideries by Gertrude Vorwerk can be found here and here.

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