Two of my blog readers recently told me about their search for patterns for small areas. Reason enough to deal with this topic in detail. At first one might think that the selection isn’t very large. But in fact there is a whole range of very different, well-suited patterns.

Typically, the smallest pattern segment – this section of a pattern that always repeats to establish the actual pattern – in all three categories – simple withdrawn thread, Limet, and openwork patterns – spreads over four fabric threads.

Such a segment should be repeated at least three times, preferably five times, in order to achieve an attractive and pleasing pattern.

Here one can work

• Wave stitches
• Satin stitch bars
• Four-Sided stitches
• Four-Sided stitches/wrong side up
• the Square Eyelet pattern Net
Cable stitches and
• Single Faggot stitches
• Cross stitches
• Double Crosses – in straight rows (seen here)
• Double Crosses – in straight rows/wrong side up
• slanting Herringbone stitches and
• slanting Herringbone stitches/wrong side up

As has been shown repeatedly, the pattern segments can be reduced by changing the thread withdrawing and leaving two threads between one withdrawn thread. This again applies to all catogories, simple, Limet and openwork patterns.

In pictures 9 and 10 of Sofa Cushion Cover 1(B) you can see the Wave stitch in the reduced grid and compare in picture 7 with the Wave stitch in the usual grid. Pictures 12 and 13 of this article show the Cable stitch in the reduced openwork thread grid. In pictures 13 and 16 is the
Single Faggot stitch seen in both reduced and standard thread grids.

Also in the patterns of the poppy flower you can see the difference between reduced and usual thread withdrawing.

Another comparison can be found in this article on pictures 8 and 9.

If you have a little more space, you can work patterns with a segment of 8 threads (or 6 threads in the reduced thread grid). These patterns can also be described as small patterns. In these thread grids you can work

• Honey Comb Darning stitches ,
• different Satin stitch patterns
Rose stitches and the Rose stitch variant (seen here – pictures 3,4 and 5)
• different Square Eyelet patterns
• Diagonal Cross Filling
• Double Diagonal Cross Filling stitches
• Diagonal Cross Filling – French variation (seen here)
• Diagonal Cross Filling – French variation/wrong side up
• Diagonal Cross Filling – French variation/“half“(seen here)
• Diagonal Cross Filling – French variation/“half“/wrong side up
• Diagonal Cross Filling – French variation/“vertical half“ Double Back stitches
• Double Back stitches/wrong side up
Easy Eyelet stitches
• Easy Eyelet stitches/wrong side up (seen here pictures 11 and 12)
• Filling Pattern No. 555
• Filling Pattern No. 549
• Filling Pattern No. 479
• Filling Pattern No. 560

and certainly many more.

As you can see, the choice of patterns for small areas is huge!

Here are a few impressions of differently embroidered small areas.

  1. Beautiful patterns thankyou

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