When looking through my linen stock, I came across a small supply of white striped linen from the Weddigen company. It concerns the following article:

#926 W, width 185 cm, 16 tpcm, 100% linen, 4 pattern repeats/m – after laundry

According to the manufacturer, the linen has a shrinkage of approx. 8% to 10% in length and 3% in width. The stripes were created by weaving in thicker threads, as the high magnification shows.

The stripe looks like this:

Unwashed, a stripe is 10 cm wide. The stripes are spaced 18 cm apart on the fabric.

I pulled a thread out of the fabric.

The thread could be easily withdrawn over a long distance. Only a few pieces of fluff remained in the thread line.

A few rows of Four-Sided stitches were quickly embroidered

to try Peahole-

and needle-weaving hem.

Both harmonize very well with the stripes.

I am selling this linen for €10.08 + 19% VAT = €12.00 per stripe (=28 cm x 185 cm)
or in cuts of 56 cm (2 stripes) x 90 cm at a price of €10.92 + 19% VAT = €13.00.

Please email me with your request.

In my next blog post I will show an example of how I processed this linen.

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