This cushion is decorated with a wide needle-weaving hem at the bottom. A grand Schwalm crown was embroidered above it.

The 9-unit needle-weaving hem with a two-piece block pattern has a segment of 34 bundles.

The needle-weaving hem looks very striking thanks to the alternation of wide, dense and light blocks, lined with coloured ticking.
A Peahole hem softens the severe effect.

The enlarged design of a typically grand Schwalm crown served as pattern for the accompanying whitework.

Finest Satin stitch embroidery alternating with motifs designed in delicate withdrawn thread patterns contrast with the eye-catching needle-weaving hem.

Needle-Weaving Cushion E
Needle-Weaving Cushion D
Needle-Weaving Cushion C
Needle-Weaving Cushion B
Needle-Weaving Cushion A

In my documentation Schwalm Needle-Weaving Bands I have already shown 193 (!) different patterns .

Information on the individual categories and detailed descriptions of the working methods can be found in Lesson #4 – Needle-Weaving Band Sampler.

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