This cushion cover by Christa Waldmann is decorated all over with embroidery.

Two wide needle-waeving bands frame an equally wide, openwork pattern border.

The 9-unit needle-weaving hems with mirror patterns have a segment of 20 bundles.

They are bordered at the top and the bottom by a row of peahole hemstitches.
The openwork border shows popular figurative needle-weaving patterns in the Schwalm – star and tree.

The cushion was fitted with a red ticking. The colour contrast makes the patterns stand out particularly well – they “show off”, as the women from Schwalm put it.

The coluor for the Cross stitches of initials and year was chosen to match the ticking. Tulip ornaments separate the characters, bird motifs complete the cross-stitch embroidery on both sides.

On top a grand Schwalm crown was embroidered in white.

Needle-Weaving Cushion F
Needle-Weaving Cushion E
Needle-Weaving Cushion D
Needle-Weaving Cushion C
Needle-Weaving Cushion B
Needle-Weaving Cushion A

In my documentation Schwalm Needle-Weaving Bands I have already shown 193 (!) different patterns .

Information on the individual categories and detailed descriptions of the working methods can be found in Lesson #4 – Needle-Weaving Band Sampler.

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